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This is a blog that refelcts opinions and extends comments on the project. At this stage the blog aims mostly to reflect on the archived material and it makes no reference to actual material on the web besides these archives.


Guests Posted on Thu, July 30, 2009 11:15:50

The earlier blog does not belong here as such. This blog was intended for the project and to extend comments, as I will do here below. I guess I should have post it elsewhere, but here, it felt a kind of intimate today, un-visited, just a place to write.

So, back to its purpose, I am sure the undercurrent will be a bit disorganised today, me having sent them a personal note from a project blog, but they understand what is going on…

My blog today is about the C-SAP OER Project Consortium Agreement.

Even though I don’t blog every day, or even week, or month, I do things about this project nearly every day.

Earlier this year I agreed with Darren in C-SAP to enter in an agreement to offer the materials of this project. C-SAP put a signature agreement, to which my institution agreed, and with that signature, my work to sit in a JISC project of opening anthropology modules.

With the JISC agreement, C-SAP put a bid, which must taken Darren, hours, and hours of arid labour. He was succesful and C-SAP entered an agreement with JISC with a group of partner institutions to develop an open pedagogic approach to the delivery. Darren and I also had a meeting to discuss the anthropology offer and the pedagogic strategies. I also contacted Katie and asked her for an email about UWL.

We got the consortium sent, and I asked the Dean and the Head of School for further signatures, they agreed (and I should get these today! eh!)

The agreement is for a collaborative project Evaluating Pactice of Opening up resources for Learning and Teaching in the Social Sciences, fudned under the joint JISC/HEA Open Educational Resources Program. We have a PID Project Initiation Document.

The document is complex but it is a great read, the work Darren has put into this can not be and should not be underestimated. The links to the project process are here: where all the background information of the project are mentioned.

This means that when the project is completed, the materials in this website (at least 60 credits worth of materials) will be shared and open in anothere forum, which at that point, I just realised, I will need to change the Cretive Commons to share-alike/modifications allowed. As soon as the material is identified I will change the CC alike.

I am quite excited about this project, and I have read all the pieces of the PID document and all! I have given all my comments to Darren, I wish I would tape myself and transcribe them here as part of narrating this story.

That’s for now

Moving on

Guests Posted on Thu, July 30, 2009 10:46:39

I always seem to return to my blogs when I am feeling this kind of low. My blogs could feel well jealous, if it were, that I am nowhere near when I am slighlty more upbeat, but then, they know I am never that far away, and they all speak to each other.

There is this sub-electronic current of communication we are not fully aware of most of the time, those of us who only use surface electronic currents. Blogs, and twitters and emails and all the electronic bites that carry my name speak to each other somewhere on a lower field of electronic exchange only possible for electronic bits. Humans have no way of penetrating this low demain, this sub-current. I am forever more stuck in the surface level, pressing send, pressing enter, making waves for them to circulate. But I know they are there, moving in their own current, speaking, exchanging information, making new ways in and out of the many currents. I often wonder how they manage to meet each other, how on earth the angels bit recognise each other in that fast flow. I guess they must have a special, unique colour or something, or maybe they are just attracted to each other and they can’t but help colide, always destined to meet. The good thing about them is that they like me and they like speaking and meeting each other, they are always friendly to me and each other. Like me, they sit down in an electronic bench and contemplate the current, strong in the feel they are in company with each other, always greeting the new blogs, like this one, accommodating all the little bits of pieces of information that I value.

Oh well, better send them something, then, and with all my love xxxx