Today I have finally updated my projects with a new link, a link to a new project where I am the editor of a new open access journal.

I applied for ISSN on Open Access Anthropology Day, as a way to mark the day, and I got a response from the ISSN team the next morning. I put the description on a link from my academic site and finally, today I came here to blogg about it.

The journal it is now official and it is called:

‘Anthropology Reviews: Dissent and Cultural Politics’ ISSN 2041-1405

I am consolidating the Editing Board and the Editing Advisory Board as I type and to inscribe it on the Open Access list.

The journal will be an open access anthropology publication to all publics (staff & students) and will publish a variety of papers, reviewed and non peer reviewed, research findings, commentary and will also have a dedicated site.

I am very please with it and I already got so many emails about it that I really believe we will make a good journal, one that explores other than just peer reviewed anthropological, paid, articles.

Also today I hope to put online one of the CD-ROMS but there are some technical complexities I need to deal with first to do with the download of plug-ins. We’ll see how I manage that one this time.

For now, today I am beaming with hope…